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Official name: Republic of Bulgaria
State system: Parliamentary republic
Capital: Sofia
Cities: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas, Rousse
Territory: 110,910 sq. km.  or  42,823 sq. mi.
Population: 7 679 290
Official language: Bulgarian
Drives on the: right
Religion: Eastern Orthodox christianity
Currency: Lev (BGN) = 100 stotinki
Time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours
Telephone code: 00359
The climate in Bulgaria is moderate continental, to the south it is intermediate continental tending to Mediterranean, with four seasons: cold and sometimes damp winter with snowfalls and temperature of about 0° C, warm and more often damp spring, hot and dry summer with average temperature of 23° C, and mild and sunny autumn. The average annual temperature is 10.5° C. The average January temperatures are -2° C to 2° C in the plain areas, and up to -10° C in the mountainous areas. In July the temperatures are between 19° C and 25° C at an average in the plain regions, and about 10° C in the high parts of the mountains. The average annual rainfalls in Bulgaria are about 450-600 mm in the plain areas, and up to 1300 mm in the mountains. Main rivers – the Danube river (470 km, on the border with Romania), the Ogosta river, the Iskar river, the Vit river, the Osam river, the Yantra river (all tributaries of the Danube), the Kamchiya river, the Maritsa river, the Mesta river, the Struma river. Flora – broad-leaved, and coniferous forests cover 30 % of the country's area. Above 1700 metres altitude – mountain meadows and pastures.
The monetary unit in Bulgaria is the lev. Lev's course of exchange toward the Euro is fixed due to the Bulgarian Currency board - 1.95583 levs = 1 euro. Credit and debit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express are widespread and accepted. You will find ATM machines in all big and small towns, most scattered in the central parts of the towns.
Bulgaria is the European Union member with the highest telephone rates. Mobile to mobile call would cost You 0,25 levs, and fixed to mobile – 0,32 levs. The mobile operators and telecommunication suppliers are: Globul, Mtel, BTC, Orbitel. Telephone boots can be found in every town, most probably somewhere near you, on the street.
Highways - 37.3 thousand kilometres; railway lines – 6.5 thousand kilometres (65 % electrified). Sea harbours – Varna and Bourgas. River ports on the Danube river – Rousse, Vidin, Silistra and others. There are four international airports in Bulgaria. On Bulgarian territory some of the composing elements (roads, railway lines, harbours, airports and border checkpoints) of the Pan-European transport corridors do not correspond properly (parametres, infrastructure) to the international standards for travellers and load transportation. The lack of a border checkpoint on some of the transport corridors is an obstacle for them to function as an international and thus the Pan-European transport corridors are interrupted. The road system's condition is one of the essential limiting factors, which impedes the integration of the regions between them and in the Euoropean space, limits the mobility of the labour force, decreases the approach to different services and deepens the differences between the teritories. All that leads to lack of progress  in the north-west region, the north part of the north-east region and the south parts of  South Bulgaria.

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Plovdiv, BG, 14 “Otec Paisii” St
tel.: +359 32 26 88 08 ; +359 896 80 22 99

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