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Velina Hotel - Velingrad - Bulgaria Velina Hotel - Velingrad - Bulgaria Velina Hotel - Velingrad - Bulgaria Velina Hotel - Velingrad - Bulgaria
Velina Hotel

The hotel is situated near the Kleptuza Lake, amidst a pine wood with an unique panoramic view over the town.

Number of rooms:

Facilities in the hotel rooms:
Plasma screen TV sets with 90 Satellite channels, telephone, mini-bar, Internet connection, SOS button, private bathrooms with bath-tubs and electronic cards access.

Facilities in the hotel:
Restaurant with 200 seats, day bar with 60 seats, night bar, conference hall, spa centre with sauna, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, jacuzzi, steam bath, fitness hall. Parking lot with 60 car places, children's playground.

Velingrad - Bulgaria Velingrad - Bulgaria Velingrad - Bulgaria Velingrad - Bulgaria
Velingrad is one of the most beautiful and famous balneological and mountain resorts in Bulgaria. It is situated in the Chepinska hollow in the western Rhodope Mountain and that specific location gathers together unique natural phenomena. In 2008 Velingrad was pronounced as the “SPA capital of Bulgaria”. The town was formed from three villages – Chepino, Lazhene and Kamenitsa in 1948. Nowadays they are the three main neighborhoods of Velingrad. The town's name comes from the name of a heroine partisan named Vela Peeva, who participated in the antifascist movement. She sacrificed her life in the “Byalata skala” vicinity, high in the mountain, in 1944 on gendarmery's ambush. Velingrad's history is rich of Thracian, Slav's and Roman presence with millenary  prescription.

The region of Velingrad was inhabited by the time of the ancient Thracian tribes around 6th-5th century B.C. It is presumed that the found traces belong to the tribes of Bessi and today there are hillocks, necropolis, walls from settlements and fortresses, mainly in the Yundola vicinity, the Batashko plateau and the region of Pechkovets. The Bessis are considered as keepers of the most precious and sacred sanctuary of Dionysius.
It is namely the Thracians' beliefs that are connected with the legend of the mythical Orpheus who was supposed to have lived in that lands. Legend has it that this Rhodope region had given the titanic power of Spartacus – the leader of the rebelled slaves in ancient Rome.
The Romans conquer the nowadays Velingrad in the year 46, by which starts a Thraco-Roman period lasting until the arrival of the Slavs. They were the first to use the Velingrad's mineral water in clay pipelines and therms. Today you can see relics from the ancient customs and culture of the Romans, such as road covering, defenses, marble slabs, coins, etc. The Slav tribe of dragovichi, inhabiting the region, accepted several customs by the Thracians. The Chepinska hollow was annexed to Bulgaria during the reign of khan Malamir. Later the region was conquered by the Byzantines till King Kaloyan comes to power.  
The Medieval period was the time when the region flourished. The fortress of “Tsepina” was built then. It was one of the most powerful assets of the Bulgarian Kingdom defending Rhodope region. 
The district was later named after the name of the fortress.


Velingrad is well-knows for its numerous sunny days and thus it is preferred as a weekend holiday destination.
During the weekends and in winter and summer time the local hotels are full of tourists.
Beside the great number of mineral springs, Velingrad offers an approach to the superb nature of the western Rhodope Mountain. There are two ski tracks in close proximity to the town so it is a year-round tourist resort. One of the town symbols of Velingrad is the biggest Karts spring in Bulgaria – Kleptuza.
The village of Yundola is 16 km west from the town of Velingrad, on the main road Bansko – Razlog. It is situated amidst Rila and Rhodope Mountains on 1400 metres altitude. It takes about half an hour car drive from Velingrad to Yundola; the road goes along the Lukovitsa river uncovering picturesque nature.
The Yundola vicinity is a vast meadow with approximate territory of 3 to 1 km. The name comes from the Turkish word “yundol” which means wool market. This is a famous Bulgarian mountain resort with ski tracks and ski tugs during the winter time. Yundola is a starting point for many mountain tourist routes in Rila and Rhodope Mountains.

Velingrad lies on the Chepinska hollow in the western Rhodope Mountain. Sofia is 120 km away, Plovdiv – 83 km, and Pazardzhik – 50 km. The resort town is a convenient destination for spa tourism.


How do you reach Velingrad?
By bus:
There are regular bus lines from Sofia, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Peshtera, Rakitovo, Blagoevgrad, Batak, Septemvri and Razlog.
By train:
You can take a train from the Central Railway Stations in Sofia and Plovdiv. You can also use the narrow-gauge railway Septemvri – Dobrinishte.
Railway stations in Velingrad: Central Railway Station in Chepino and South Railway Station in Lazhene neighborhood.

Gergyovden (May, 6th) is one of the biggest and with rich ritualism tradition holiday in Chepinsko. The ritual bathing is changed and consistent with the specific conditions – the women take a bath in the mineral springs early in the morning on May 6th before sunrise, they spread out wild geranium in the pool, there is a table with good, songs and people gathering after the bathing. In Draginovo people are singing and playing around them, making swings, engaged couples are giving away painted by them eggs to the lad's family members. The Gergyovden's lamp is butchered according to the tradition. The feast is celebrated by each confessional and ethnic societies in Chepinsko - Christians and Muslims, Bulgarians, Vlachs, Gypsy people – with a specific place on their holidays calendar.
The Day of Velingrad (July, 1st) is celebrated since 1988. Together with it the Velingrad Cultural Events start (July and August), as the start date changes each year (it is the first Sunday of July).
Every year in July the guests of the town have the chance to see the programmes on the town's square or in the local culture centre, as part of the Velingrad Cultural Events, where many participants from Bulgaria and the neighbour Balkan's countries contribute to the feast. 
Another attraction to the tourists are the art exhibitions of well-known painters, as well as the rest of the culture expressions forums. 
You can have fun running a water wheel on the “Kleptuza” lake, relaxing and breathing the clean mountain air.

In close proximity are high mountain tourist bases and resorts such as Belmeken and Syutka, large number of dam lakes, rivers and water tanks. The dam lakes of “Belmeken”, “Dospat”, “Shiroka polyana”, “Batak” and “Beglika” are in radius of 40 km and offer excellent water sports and fishing conditions. The historical vicinities of Rakitovo and Batak are near by, natural reserves in Beglika and in Rakitovo, as well as Kara Tepe with good hunting conditions.
In about 3 km from the town's centre you can catch up the Wild West spirit in the “Horse Riding Base” and enjoy yourself riding along the beautiful surrounding nature.    

Here are some nice restaurants in Velingrad:
"Tom & Nezzi Classic" Restaurant, tel.: + 359 50 883;
"Bonjour" Restaurant, 111 Saedinenie Square, tel.: + 359 887 450 029;
"Omar" Tavern, 500 Saedinenie Blvd, Lazhene neighbourhood;
"Ezeroto" Restaurant, Kleptuza St, tel.: + 359 51009;
"Kavardanova kashta" Restaurant, 149 E, Saedinenie Blvd, tel.: + 359 51019;
"Millennium" Restaurant, 230 Saedinenie Blvd, tel.: + 359 51012.
Velingrad in night:
"Louis" Piano Bar, 50 Saedinenie Blvd, tel. +359 884 770 390;
"Night Club", Svoboda Square, Piccadilly Blvd, tel.: + 359 899 808 527;
"Therma" Discotheque, 12 Dimitar Gruev St, tel: + 359 25214;
"Piccadily" Discotheque, Svoboda Square, Lazhene neighbourhood, tel.: + 359 57 925, + 359 889 504 684;
"Georgo" Bar, 37 Han Asparuh Blvd, tel.: + 359 27 893.

Velingrad offers excellent opportunities for water treatment and relaxation, clean mountain air, romantic walks along the Kleptuza Lake and coniferous woods.
Velingrad is one of the best places for balneology and climate treatment, relaxation, sports activities, hunting and tourism. Well-marked road will lead you to the only place for climate treatment – Kurtovo.
Many “healthy” roads are built in the surrounding area of Velingrad. The echo paths lead to mountain huts and nature attractions, which can be visited all-year round. All the seasons are appropriate for climate treatment among the wild  coniferous woods.
Velingrad is not by chance titled “the spa capital of Bulgaria”. There are four thermo-mineral fields found here (Chepino, Lazhene, Kamenitsa, Draginovo), where there are about 80 springs with mineral water. The hottest water spring is in Kamenitsa - 91°?. From the south to the north the temperature goes up, as well as the salt content and the quantity of sulphates, sodium, fluorine and silica. One of the biggest thermal springs in the country with capacity of 70 litres/per second is located in Chepino neighbourhood. The water is alkaline and fluoric, with low mineralization.
The mineral water in Velingrad is proven to be healthy and it has world-wide fame. Its miraculous effect is used to heal respiratory organs, locomotory system problems, neurological and gynecological problems. In nowadays busy every-day agenda the mineral water in Velingrad is especially precious for stress problems, insomnia and overfatigue.
The modern SPA centres in the town offer many procedures using the power of the thermal springs. Among with the traditional procedures, manipulations are made with precious Bulgarian natural products such as the rose oil, the honey and Mursalian tea, which grows only in the Rhodope Mountain. A bath with some pinches of the fragrant herb, with the unique Bulgarian rose oil and blossom, with the valued in Europe Rhodope honey thanks to its high healing effect, will double the healing effect of the water.
Here are some luxurious Spa hotels in Velingrad:
"Bor" Spa Hotel, 4*, certified by the European Spas Association, 9 "Nikolay Hrelkov" St
"Dvoretsa" Spa Hotel, 5*, 8 "Tosho Staykov" St
"Lucky Light" Boutique & Spa Hotel, 4*,  19 "Borislav" St
"Velingrad Grand Hotel" Spa Hotel, 4*, 50 "Saedinenie" Blvd
"Rich" Spa Hotel, 4*, 500 Saedinenie Blvd
"Unikat" Spa Hotel, 1 "Kiselets" St

Beside the mineral springs, Velingrad is most proud of Kleptuza Lake, which is the largest Karst  lake on the Balkans. Together with the beautiful pine vegetation, it is part of Kleptuza Park and is considered as a natural phenomena. Five hundred and seventy litres cold water spring from it every second. It forms two lakes which flow into the Chepinska river. The lake and the wood near by are proclaimed as protected territory.
In about 12 km from Velingrad is situated another nature attraction – Lepenitsa Cave. It is one of the 17th cave attractions in Bulgaria. The depth to which specialists have reached is 1400 metres but nobody has reached out or has seen everything that the nature has created during the millenary history. Here you can see encrusted crusts and stalagmites, at some places full of pearls. The cave pearls are rare treasures of the underworld. Cave craters can be seen only here in Bulgaria and in another cave in France. 
Syutka vicinity is the place with the longest snow period in Bulgaria, and in the valley of Chepinska river there is a great number of sunny days. In 16 km from the town is Yundola, where walks can be combined with relaxing spa procedures. And if you would like to know some more about the town of Velingrad, you can visit the History Museum and the Art Gallery.
Velingrad and its surroundings are rich in natural and cultural – historical attractions. The total number of the monuments of culture is over 120. If you are interested in history, you should visit some of the following places:
- The medieval church in Gergyovitsa;
- The Roman settlement in Removo;
- The medieval church in Chorkvishteto;
- The Roman settlement in Bivolichno dere;
- Nikulova church;
- The Roman settlement in Pechkovets;
- The medieval fortress next to Lepenitsa Cave;
- The medieval fortress “Gradot” situated north-west from Kamenitsa;
- The medieval Gyurgeva church on Ostrets peak;
- The medieval fortress in Gradishteto;
 - Early Byzantine basilica “Nikolitsa” and etc.
“Tsepina” fortress is the most remarkable one. It is an archaeological monument of culture of national significance. During the medieval period Tsepina is one of the most famous Rhodope fortresses. It is annexed to the Bulgarian territory in the middle of 9th century. Its location is about 6 km from the village of Dorkov, on a high and rocky hill. In the fortified territory have been explored three churches and four very well-built water reservoirs.
There are many churches in the resort town as well. You can visit the beautiful “Sveti Georgi” Church (1894), “Sveta Troitsa” Temple – the oldest church dating from 1816. Curious tourist destination is the “Sveti Georgi” Chapel, situated on a hill, to the south of Kamenitsa neighbourhood. There was a monastery on that place a long time ago, but it was destroyed during the conversion to Islam period. From time immemorial the Saint Spas vicinity is visited by many people. It is mentioned in the “Spas' hill” narrative by the Bulgarian writer Elin Pelin. The curing beliefs still make a lot of people go up to the hill on Saint Spas's Day.
Interesting attractions in the Yundola vicinity are: the reserves of Rogachitsa and Valyavitsite in Rila Mountain; the Filibishka polyana vicinity, Chernovets vicinity in Rhodope Mountain, Kurtovo vicinity, sports base Belmeken and the natural attraction Pashovi skali (Pashovi Rocks).

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